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Following the innovations in the forefront of its success adventure for more than 35 years, Eltesan is one of the successful manufacturers of many components with different functions for the automotive industry as well as the railway systems with its own technology, design and applications.

The first Eltesan production facility was established in Maltepe in 1987, since its production capacity increased, it established Gebze factory in 1990 and accelerated its production activities and became the first and only supplier of the sector's leading brands in the production of vehicle refrigerators.

While domestic ice buses made of crates are used in intercity buses, it has provided the sector with a compressor vehicle refrigerator with an innovative perspective that provides alternative solutions for need-based. Eltesan presented this idea to Mercedes-Benz as a final product through research and development. As the result of the test trials, the first refrigerator was demonstrated at the İzmir fair. With this innovative product, Eltesan received first orders right after the fair and started to export in a short time, thus strengthening its position in the sector with day by day.

With the production of vehicle refrigerator and refrigerator with kitchen unit as Starcool, with patented state-of-the-art technologies providing UV system microbiological liquid disinfection as Inolife, with plastic polyurethane products for the automotive sector as Eltesan Automotive and Eltesan Railway as a large group in the sector with the production of train air conditioners and interior trim parts in the railway systems Eltesan, has become a large group company in the sector.

Eltesan determines the vision and mission of all of its companies, makes strategic decisions and helps them to develop their business by collaborative work. Checks the rules that companies should apply and their compliance with these rules. It aims to comply with national and international standards and continuous improvement in all its activities and enables the production of high quality products at competitive prices to meet the demands and needs of increasing market share.

In accordance with the changing customer expectations with its innovative technology and investment industry and its contribution to Turkey's economy is increasing day by day.

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