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Our Vision as Eltesan Group;

Is to become the leading company in our sectors by differences that we have created by combining our production and engineering capabilities with our innovative perspective. Our aim is to ensure the continuity of reliability and respectability by offering products of universal quality in accordance with customer expectations in our production facility equipped with higher technology with regular investments.

Our Mission as Eltesan Group;

Our mission is to design, produce and commercialize products of the same quality and standards in line with the customer expectations in the domestic and international automotive sector, maintaining the high standard of quality and competitiveness in vehicle refrigerators and kitchen units.

Our Values as Eltesan Group;

To meet customer expectations and provide after-sales satisfaction to become a solution partner. Production with an approach that esteems people, environment and nature is to contribute to a better future. To approach our employees with confidence and respect, to pioneer them, to provide training and other opportunities to develop themselves, to believe that everyone will contribute to the success of the company, to appreciate and reward superior performance, honesty in all employee relations.

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